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Rum Runners
Las Vegas

Rum Runners Las Vegas


Good Food
Food Menu: *Flamingo - *Desert Inn - *Twain

These pizzas will surprise you!
They are delicious and
big enough for two!

Loads of pepperoni heaped upon
melted mozzarella cheese!

It's all here...pepperoni, sausage,
green & red peppers, onions, olives
and mozzarella cheese!

Your Choice, Only $6.00 each!

Try one of these other great
Sandwiches for only $2.75
All served with potato salas & pickle

Beer Brat by Johnsonville..This is the
#1 selling brat in the U.S. Delicious!

Hot Link .. For the person that wants a little more spice!

Smoked Sausage .. Delicious smoked
flavor makes this a hit!

Keilbasa .. It's a must to have sauerkraut on this one!

 Appitizers: Onion Rings, Mozzarella Sticks & Jalapeno Poppers

Our Rum Runner - Tropicana food Menu is Very Large & Extensive!
Badger Cafe:
24 hours *Breakfast *Lunch & *Dinner Specials!
*Steaks, *B-B-Q Baby Back Ribs, *Mesquitte Chicken, *Roast Beef,
*Burgers, *Sandwiches, *Salads, *Appitizers and More!

24 Hour Specials!
One-pound T-Bone Complete Breakfast or Dinner .... $7.50
Also: Build Your Own 1/2 Pound Burger ..................... $2.25

Please stop by and check out our full menu!
For more information - Please call us.
Lounge: 736-6366 / Rest: 798-7594


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