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  American-European Introductions!   
~ Lena's Letter! ~
A Letter to Us from One of Our Ladies from Volgodonsk, Russia

99-R102 Elena Zykova
 Hello Charlie! Will you consider the following information, you may use some
of it for the first introduction page.
My name is Charlie, it is my honor to introduce you a match-making,
introduction and dating agency < The Sweet Home Hearts from Russia >
All information on our pages is true and exact,
post and phone numbers . Just before you click the button of catalogue will
you consider the following please:
You should know that girls am not looking for the benefits of being your or
someone else wife abroad , they just want to marry a man who remember the
values of love and they will give love in return. Any person wants to live
a better life, any girl in Russia is dreaming of family and sweet home
values. The economic crisis the country evolved in affects economy and
peoples relations also. It is more difficult to find a nice match, good
partner for life here now. I guess you understand it is not possible to
fall in love by correspondence. What is your understanding of the process?
How do you plan to fix this love-mail affair? Say, you like each other on a
physical attraction level and share the same views upon the life. You may
find it out rather soon , taking the honesty for granted, of course. What
is for the next? Are you planning to
come to Russia for a personal meeting some day ? Are you aware that it is a
certain 3000.00 dollar traveling expenses and the expenses for a wedding
ceremony , lady adaptation in a new country ( language skills, retraining,
etc). Do you expect to have of a long correspondence? If -yes- what for?
Sorry for the questions, it is not me who asking them, it is life and a
common sense. The ladies would not like the correspondence turn into a
pen-palling. They would not like to waste a time, it is the most treasure in
the world you know, a single second passed by is never back. Please make up
your mind, I hope my questions will help you to make a strong and correct
decision. Time is also the money. Unfortunately the correspondence is not
free of charge for the gals . We provide an e-mail service for ladies -
members of <The Sweet Home Hearts> to speed up the process of getting to
know of the sponsors abroad. They are saving some money to afford it.
If you consider a possibility of supporting her correspondence it would also
be nice. Are you paying for purchasing a new TV in a shop? Of course you are
free to write a lady by post or choose both possibilities. We also provide
the service of perfect translations ( not every girl in Russia speaks good
English), video and voice e-mails. We are making everything in our power
to make a live contact out of virtual one. I also hope that my questions and
intentions describe our service as an honest one and will lead you to a
right solution. I have been asking the questions to help you to clear up
your intentions. If you have changed your mind and switched on to another
site it means that either it is not marriage you are looking for or the
time has not come for your lady yet.

From Charlie, American-European Introductions!

If any of you guys really care about one of these girls and you want to communicate
with her and hopefully get to the point of wanting to go to Russia to meet in person?
You should consider paying for her E-mail Service!
These girls pay for incoming and outgoing e-mail letters! For her to receive your letter and send you a replay? It costs her the equivalent of her days pay! (No kidding!). For you it would be leaving a toke "tip" at my bar in "Vegas".
If you really like the girl? Don't take the chance of not hearing back from her!
(It's not that she does not want to reply to you! She can't afford it!).
She can't keep on wasting her time and money to keep on writing to you!
She will make that sacrifice for a while if she feels and thinks that there is a good chance that in the near future you will go there to meet face-to-face!
That's what they are all dreaming of! To see, to touch, to feel, to hold, to kiss and to look in your eyes where they can see your heart & soul and know if they are loved!
I KNOW! I've been there before! I care very much about each one that I write to and have gone to visit. My main problem is that I love'm all and can't make up my mind!
Do yourself a favor, write to about 12 to 15 ladies that you really like!(With your photo) Out of those, you will probably get replies from 7 or 8? After 3 or 4 months narrow it down to 2 or 3 that you feel serious about and start making plans to go there to meet them! They will wait if they know that you are making plans to go there! But after a few months they will get tired of waiting! (You can't expect them to hope & wait Forever!)
Let me know if we can be of any help!

Charlie "Am-Euro-Intro" Las Vegas USA